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When Love was the Adventure

Le 26 août 2016, 05:50 dans Humeurs 0

On a cold January morning in 1936, George V was given a king's burial. Following his coffin was his eldest son, the handsome, much loved, Prince of Wales. He was about to be proclaimed the next king of England. He was that exceptional thing: a model royal. He was at ease in every company. Everyone expected him to shake the stuffiness out of the monarchy. But as time passed, as he span between the royal duties, people began to remark that the prince was approaching 40 and still unmarried. Only a privileged few knew that he'd been stepping out with the mysterious American, a woman who was cheating on her husband with the future king of England. This was the lady known as Wallis Simpson, whom he was determined to marry.
So now he was king, but no one could persuade him to give up Wallis. Not even Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin who spoke for the nation when he said Britain did not want an American divorcee for a queen. Ministerial car shuttled between Westminster and Buckingham Palace but the king could not be budged. He was forced to abdicate and all over the country flags flew at half-mast.
In the summer of 1937 there was a quiet wedding in France. The couple looked a bit nervous, especially the groom, but only a year before he'd been a king.

Now he and his wife would be called the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
So now the man who'd given up a kingdom and a woman who'd given up two husbands embarked on their endless round of fun and gaiety. In the war years they'd been trapped in the Bahamas, but emerged every now and then to attend the great cultural festivals where they startled the locals with the brilliance of their attire. But the man who'd been a king found he was now only a celebrity. There were even rumors14 that he and the duchess were breaking up so they had to parade their devotion for the cameras.
Four years later it was the nation's turn to mourn the Duke and to reflect on one man's decision to trade the crown of England for the love of Wallis and the price they had both had to pay.

These Things Shall Never Die

Le 11 août 2016, 03:58 dans Humeurs 0

   The pure.the bright,the beautiful,

  That stirred our hearts in youth,

  The impulses to wordless prayer Dentist central,

  The dreams of love and truth;

  The longing after something's lost,

  The spirit's yearning cry,

  The striving after better hopes-

  These things can never die.

  The timid hand stretched forth to aid

  A brother in his need,

  A kindly word in grief's dark hour

  That proves a friend indeed ;

  The plea for mercy softly breathed,

  When justice threatens nigh Teeth whitening,

  The sorrow of a contrite heart-

  These things shall never die.

  Let nothing pass for every hand

  Must find some work to do ;

  Lose not a chance to waken love-

  Be firm,and just ,and true;

  So shall a light that cannot fade

  Beam on thee from on high Implant.

  And angel voices say to thee---

  These things shall never die.

The Year of Wandering

Le 3 août 2016, 04:16 dans Humeurs 0

   Between the preparation and the work,the apprenticeship and the actual dealing with a task or an art,there comes, in the experience of many young men,a period of uncertainty and wandering which is often misunderstood and counted as time wasted,when it is, in fact, a period rich in full and free development sigelei 150w tc.

  It is as natural for ardent and courageous youth to wish to know what is in life, what it means, and what it holds for its children,as for a child to reach for and search the things that surround and attract it.Behind every real worker in the world is a real man, and a man has a right to know the conditions under which he must live,and the choices of knowledge, power, and activity which are offered him.In the education of many men and women, therefore, there comes the year of wandering;the experience of traveling from knowledge to knowledge and from occupation to occupation.

  The forces which go to the making of a powerful man can rarely be adjusted and blended without some disturbance of relations and conditions.This disturbance is sometimes injurious, because it affects the moral foundations upon which character rests;and for this reason the significance of the experience in its relation to development ought to be sympathetically studied.The birth of the imagination and of the passions aspire cleito, the perception of the richness of life,and the consciousness of the possession of the power to master and use that wealth, create a critical moment in the history of youth,—a moment richer in possibilities of all kinds than comes at any later period.

  Agitation and ferment of soul are inevitable in that wonderful moment.There are times when agitation is as normal as is self-control at other and less critical times.The year of wandering is not a manifestation of aimlessness, but of aspiration,and that in its ferment and uncertainty youth is often guided to and finally prepared for its task melo 2 coils.

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